• 1. Personal Details
  • 2. Income
  • 3. Deductions
  • 4. Offsets & Others
  • 5. Sole Trader Income
  • 6. Rental Property
  • 7. Payment & Declaration

Answer Yes or No. If Yes, simply fill in the details with the information you have available. Don't worry if you are unsure or forget to include some information as we will pick up from the ATO reports. We will also contact you via your preferred contact method if we need any further information.


For Financial Year Ending 30 June

I don’t need to lodge a tax return but need to lodge a non-lodgement advice to ATO.

ID Type & ID number are required for compliance with ATO fraud prevention requirement.
Unauthorised use of a tax file number is a serious offence and will be reported to the ATO.